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 WXW Results 8/24/10

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PostSubject: WXW Results 8/24/10   Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:22 pm

Commentary: Lastnight was a scary night. Eli Cross has disaapeared.

(Middle of the show)

*Daniels is shown in the ring in a red themed room with a casket*

Daniels: Open the casket.
Daniels: In likely hood. The most feared, dreaded, respected force in the history of WXW... Eli Cross! My brother will no longer walk amounst us. Gone in the endless nights. When Eli will strike fear to hearts those he persents. Gone is the face of darkness, his brillants exstinguished by act of cowardness. God is the spector who is beloved and admired by millions of creatures around the world. Gone from the WXW, is the most iconic figure. And gone forever. and the bonds of brotherhood. My brother will rise from the dead no more! God is Eli! But soon enough those who resondsabled for this strawnastie, to be gone. They will be commited to the depths of HELL! To a torturse asstiances. They cannot fatham, I will personally prostcute and perscute to anyone to do with this tragicisty. THERE WILL BE VENEGANCE!!! THERE WILL BE VENEGANCE CALLED CUNNING CRUEL! THERE WILL BE VENEGANCE NEVER BEFORE SEEN OF FELT VENEGANCE!! THERE WILL BE VENEGANCE ADMAGINED! THERE WILL BE A VENEGANCE SWIFT DISIOFED!! YES THERE WILL BE VENEGANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Later of that night(
*Daniels backstage with Brain Damage*
Damage: NO IT WASNT ME!!!
Daniels: YOU ARE A LIER!!!!!
Damage: I will proof it next week
Daniels: You have one week. If i have one slight of doubt in my mind, you will be condempted to hell for a enternity suffering!

*End Of The Show*

"Daniels attacks everything in sight"

"Eli's music hits"

"Daniels is frozed"

"Eli dont come out"

"Lights go out"
"lights come back on and Eli shows up"

"Eli whispers to Daniels on who attacked him"
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WXW Results 8/24/10
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