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 WXW Results 8/29/10

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PostSubject: WXW Results 8/29/10   Sat Aug 28, 2010 10:30 pm

*End Of show*

(Eli Cross vs WWE Superstar John Cena)

*Eli and John shakes eachothers hands*
*They start a hold up*
*Eli got John in a headlock*
*John takes the upperhand*

(Near end of the match)

Commentary: Wow, what a exciting match.

(John Cena capalizes and gets ready for the FU)
(He connects it John goes for the pin, 1,2, KICKOUt!!!!)

Commentary: What the?! How did Eli kick out of the FU

(Eli reverses and gets in control and gets ready for the paynekiller)
(Eli falls down)!
(Eli holds his knee)

Commentary: Oh no! Not his knee again.

(Doctor checks Eli's knee)

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the official doctor would like to be and announcement.

Doctor: Eli's knee is pretty swallone, he is not able to continue

(The officials help Eli to the back)
(Eli pushes the officials away and hops to the ring)
Ref: Eli, do you want to continue?
Eli: Yes
(Eli and John and gather up again)
(Eli gets the upperhand and goes for the Payne Killer)
(His knee cracks again ands falls)
(Eli reaches for a pin)(1,2,3)
Announcer:Winner of this match Eli Cross

*After the show*

Doctor: Eli, you have a torn ACL in your knee and will not be able to continue to wrestle for awhile)
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PostSubject: Re: WXW Results 8/29/10   Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:40 am

cena got owned and poor eli
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WXW Results 8/29/10
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