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 In-Game Ranks

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PostSubject: In-Game Ranks   Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:07 am

Staff In-Game Ranks (Clan Staff)
Lord - Clan Founder.
2.King - Clan Leader
3:Alpha - Clan Moderator/Staff Member
All Members
4:Royal Defenders - Un-Defined
5:Royal Knights - Un-Defined
6:Royal Sentals - Un-Defined
7:Weak Defender - Un-Defined
8:Hunter Defender - Un-Defined
9:Battle Defenders - Un-Defined

If you have another In-Game Rank, please post it here.
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:24 pm

MAN THATS A LONG POST! Better start reading lol!

Special Ranks (May have more than one)
The Shieldlord(s): Shadow6400 of course and possibly TPskaterPeyton. These/This are/is the leader(s)

The Founders- Usually the first five members of the clan. Four in our case Sad Why first five? 1. They are usually the ones who endure the rough beggining stages of the clan. 2. They smooth out the clan, preparing it for others. 3. It kinda sends a message like, we made this as a group, and we will go on as a group. And 4. most importantly, because then I get to be one Very Happy . jk.

Masters of The Shield- Members who overcame the odds and showed great skill. (Meaning they Either beat a strong boss for a character of their lv, or defeated many considerable monsters with neither rest nor defeat. An example would be a lv 15 soloing and defeating Chaos Lord Dischordia because they knew how to use their skills. Not many people do. They just send out random skills.) Anyone can acheive this rank when they are above lv 15. Their standard rank doesn't matter.

The Fallen ones- Members who were hacked, glitched up and deleted, or just stopped playing for a long time. NOT Members who quit. Or Members who were banned by either us or aqw.

Standard Ranks (EVERYONE gets the one that ACCURATELY depicts them and their skill. Fellow Staff members do NOT fudge your standard rank up.)
The Last Line ( The Best of the Best.) Lv 25-30; 5 Rank 10 Classes. Must have beaton all current chaos lord stories.
Knights of the Shield ( The Best.) Lv 20-24; 4 Rank 10 Classes; Must solo Dischordia at palooza; Must have beaten 4 chaos lord stories
Knight ( Really strong members.) Lv 20-24; 3 Rank 10 Classes
Legionaire ( A Strong, Sturdy member) Lv 19; 3 Rank 10 Classes; Must solo cave lizard in uppercity; must have beaten two chaos lord stories.
Sentinal ( A little bit tougher than Defender) Lv 17-18; 2 Rank 10 Classes
Defender (This is when they are considered a true member of the clan.) Lv 15-16; Must solo Amadius in dwarfhold
Soldier ( A Tough Trainee. This is the rank right before true membership.) Lv 14 and up.
Hunter ( A Trainee. Maybe a little weak, but not as much as a recruit) Lv 13
Recruit (This is a recruit, a newbie. A true begginer) Lv. 10-12

A new member can start out as any of the bottom 4, if requirements are met. They must stay like that for a day, and then Pass tests with proof and get the respective rank. They must acheive the ranks that have the boss tests before going higher. You can only change their rank once every two days, to avoid flooding "I'm ready to rank up!" pm's.

We recruit a lv 14 char. He becomes a Soldier. In two days time he lved up to 16 and requests to take the 1st boss test to become a Defender. we see him pass, and he becomes a defender. The next day, he's lv 17, and he has the required class ranks, but he must wait untill the next day to ask. Lets say he doesn't ask for a while to rank, and becomes lv20 with 3 rank 10 classes. he then asks to rank up to Knight. But he can't because he must solo the cavelizard. when he does that he becomes a Legionaire. Why? To avoid people asking why he all of a sudden ranked so high, as if he had "Special Treatment", or a "Go straight to Go" monopoly card. Also, it avoids confusion if a lv 30 goes from defender to The Last Line. Plus it makes our members work more, like a "Reach for it!" scenario. And its smoother. The ranks Defender, Legionaire, and Knights of The Shield are sort of like checkpoints in an airport. And then our example member goes on through the ranks.

Example 2: we recriut a lv 15 member, and ask him if he wants to take the test, telling him it will improve his rank. he says yes, passes, and becomes a defender.

You may be asking "whats with the trainee and the true member thing? If a member remains a Trainee for more than 2 weeks without some sort of valid excuse, we boot them.

Example: A lv11 is recruited. after a week, he ranks to Hunter. Because of the slowness, we tell him to speed it up. a week passes, but no change. we know he is playing because we see him a lot in game. he usually loiters around. We then boot him from the clan. The trainee ranks aren't just ranks, they're a test of sorts, separating the uninterested guys from the guys who like the game, and play regularly.

Why make trophies? it gets the clan to work more for a pretty picture on their profile and extra forum points. It shows that we appreciate their hard work!

The Advertiser: You recruited 2 members! Every bit counts!
The Recruiter: You Recruited 5 members! Just when we needed them!
The Pitchman: You Recruited 10 members! Take a bow!
The Chatterbox: You have made 10 posts!
The Peanut Gallery: You Made 50 posts! You sure like being "Heard"!
The Linguist: Your posts are very good! They really make me think!
The Scholar: Your walkthroughs have been so helpful! Lets see, turn here, go through there...

Why did you change the rank names?
Cuz I don't Like 'em! No offense to whoever made them!
And I don't Like being called an "Alpha". Ugh. Alpha what, Exactly.
And Battle wolf? With all due respect, What does Battle wolves have to do with defenders? Tottaly Random!
Fluffy Defender... Really?
And I don't Like the King and lord thang. Don't expect ME to /bow.
And its unfair how staff gets special Ranks regardless of actual skill. With my system, you get some special ranks for making the clan and stuff, but you also get a fair, accurate rank according to your skill. And That should have NOTHING to do with whether your a mod or not.

Example: I would be The Last Line. And before you go "Uhh.. No... Just No." I meet the said requirements. Pumpkinlord, Mage, Healer, Doomknight, Protosartonium, And Dragonslayer Rank 10. Lv 25. Beaton All current chaos Lord sagas. Ive soloed Amadius(Not really... He had a glow worm helping him lol! ), Soloed Cave Lizard, And soloed Dischordia and won. Don't beleive me? I'll pm you proof. And read my location. "In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie." Doesn't that sound like a tough place?

And for those of you who Like only two classes and don't like much else, compromises can be made for you.

Last edited by Duragi on Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:45 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:32 pm

Duragi we already got for the staff. For us we get Alpha King goes to TPSKater and Lord goes to Shadow make some up for others for the other memebers
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:34 pm

Didn't you read? the current ranks sound kiddy. These, I think at least, sound more mature.
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:39 am

Standard Ranks

WarKnight: Min. Lv.25. Must Solo Mithril Man In Dwakel. Must Have Completed All Chaos Lord Sagas.

Knight: Min Lv23.

Legionaire: Min Lv20. Must Have Completed 4 Chaos Lord Sagas.

Hoplite: Min Lv18

Sentinal: Min Lv17. Must Have completed 3 Chaos Lord Sagas.

Defender: Min. Lv16

Soldier: Min Lv15. Must Have Completed One Chaos Lord Saga.

Hunter: Min Lv14

Recruit: Min Lv13

Staff Ranks

The Shieldlord: Shadow6400

The Keeper of The Scrolls: Must Be Head Admin. TPskaterPeyton

Masters of The Shield: Min Lv26. Must Have Completed all Chaos Lord Sagas. Must Solo Dischordia in palooza. Duragi and Raging Bull 95

Knights of the Shield: Min Lv24. Must solo Mithril Man in dwakel.

General: Must Have ? posts and meet Knight Requirements.

Colonel: Must Have ? posts and Meet Legionaire Requirements.

Strategist: Must Have ? posts and meet Defender Requirements.

Librarian: Must Have ? Posts and meet soldier requirements

Scribe: Must Have ? posts and meet Hunter Requirements.

Apprentice: Must meet Recruit Requirements and be staff.

I Hope everyone likes this. Cool Rank Names, Separate staff and member ranks, and tough requirements. You said you had bosses, so I'm leaving you to add them.I just added a few that seemed appropriate. Dischordia is tougher than Mithril man. I also added storyline requirements. Why? More Chaos lord stories done means our members can farm more places! Change what you like, but not too much! I think the top three ranks should stay as is. if you have an idea, post it and I will edit this. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

In an Unrelated Note, if I seem to be nagging or annoying, tell me. If I am, I'll tone it down a bit.

I just noticed the ranks on the website. sorry! disregard this.
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Head Administrator
Head Administrator

In-Game Rank : King
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AQWorlds ID : 1491479
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:16 am

I will put them in the correct form. Each rank gets it's own topic.
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PostSubject: Re: In-Game Ranks   

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In-Game Ranks
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