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 Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.

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PostSubject: Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.   Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:43 am

Finished! Do you have more to add? Pm me! I will consider your input and may add it to this. BUT DO NOT POST!!!!!!!!!! Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad

When there are new maps, I will edit this. If you have something good to add, pm me and I'll edit it in.

Basic Pvp facts

You cannot rest in Pvp. If you see the health bar increasing, its because of the natural regeneration of our characters.

You cannot chat with or taunt the enemy. They can't see your words and you can't see theirs.

The team captains provide the most points in a match.

You still get trophies for losing, but more for winning.

Pvp Amulets add to your total health.

You must achieve 1000pts to win.

You can use the trophies you win to obtain valuble items.

Pvp is random. You get no choice in your team, and there are no level restrictions or divisions.

You can get to Pvp in Battleon, where there is a button, and the npc Dummoose, who also provides the Pvp rewards.

Basic Strategies

Charge the captain- When one team recklessly charges, ignoring enemy players, and hits the captain, focusing all efforts into slaying the captain while staying alive. Strengths: Surprises the enemy, Can Lead to a quick victory, Distracts them. Weaknesses: The enemy can "gang up" up the players with the help of their captain, Weaker players cannot survive long, leaves your npcs and captain defenceless. Rating so far: 1. What I think: This method is really ineffective. Although it may sound appealing, its really difficult to actually succeed. You are basically easy pickings for the enemy.

Fight your way to the Captain- Simaler to charging the captain, this is the slower way. Instead Of ignoring enemy players, you take them out on your way to the captain. when the area is clear, you move on. When you reach the Captain, you strike. but whenever an enemy player appears, designated allies attck him untill he is defeated. They go like this untill the captain is beat. Strengths: Still a fast way to win, higher surviveability, you get points for defeating players so even if you don't succeed you still get points, the enemy has to rest before moving onward. Weaknesses: If you don't succeed in defeating the captain then the enemy has the respawn delay advantage, You are getting attacked on all sides, surviveability is still low albeit higher than Charging, when you do get to the captain you are usually weakened from fighting the enemy players. Rating so far: 3. What I think: This way is effective. But It is meant for tougher players. And there is a chance you will not succeed. This is the standard strategy used the most.

Defend the Gates(A.K.A. The Waiting Game)- You stand your ground in the last room of your Pvp territory. You attack any and all enemies that enter your borders. Strengths: You get plenty of points from fallen enimies, You are gathered in a group thus increasing your chance of survival and victory, enemies can't get to your npcs, you get a chance to regenerate. Weaknesses: This way takes a long time, players may quit outta boredom, the enemy will learn about your fortifications and may rally for a charge thus starting a difficult battle. Rating so far: 4 What I think: I love this strategy. It almost ensures a win and allows you to rally your forces. I think it is meant for a short term in desperate situations. lets say All but two players are slain in a gtuesome battle. the two hold their ground, attacking any player that passes untill all their forces are rallied! This works because usually players don't have plans and attack w/out waiting for the rest of their team, so they're easy pickings.

The Ambush- You send a scout out in an important area of yours, who tells you when the enemy is there he retreats to the next room in, where your all waiting. if the enemy comes in, he is surprised. But if he attacks the npcs in the other room(Wait 6 sec. if he did not enter, he's probally attacking the npc), all enter. he's reallys surprised, and has got the npc attacking him. Gang up on him and he's easily defeated. Strengths: great if your outnumbered cuz you get the npcs help, you take out aggresive enemies, and add some extra points. Weaknesses: As dumb as the enemy is they will eventually figure you out and get a rally and charge, this way is kinda slow, you are risking an npc. Rating so far: 2. What I think: This is good if your outnumbered, and gets you quick points if your not, but its easily figured out. I'd do it a coupla times in a row, but then surprise them again and charge.

The Careful Approach- All players go across the rooms of the pvp map until they find enemy players. They attack and if they win, the surviving players stand their ground until all players and no enemies are in that room. They go across until the find enemies and do the same thing, waiting for all allies and no enimies to be in that room. The point of this strategy is to sorta squeeze the enemies forces. Suffocating them and preventing advancement. Strengths: You cut of the enemy from the areas behind you, they lose ground, they lose access to you npcs, they are squeezed. Weaknesses: One of the slower methods, if you lose a big battle you lose ground. Rating so far: 5 What I think: This is my Favorite. its slow, but not too slow, and very effective. And healers would double it effectiveness, keeping players alive longer.

Have More Strategies? Pm Me and if its acceptable, I'll add it!

Good Classes for Pvp

Ninja Classes: This is effective because you have so many effects you can put on enimies! Plus, you can dodge well!

Rogue Classes: It's good mainly because of It's dodging skill, but also because of Vipers Kiss. Over time, it deals serious damage!

Warrior Classes: It can stun, and Its final attack, on guard, increases your survivability.

Healer classes: You Can heal, Which is very useful in a no-rest zone. You have an attack that restores your mana for healing. And the attack, Heart beat, Can Deal serious Damage for a healer. If you have High intellect, and health, this attack is really good!

Paladin: I don't know much about Paladin, just that it can heal, but also is great on offence.

Have more good classes? Pm me a compelling argument and I may add it!


Bludrut Brawl

About: This map Is very large. on the way out of your Respawn point, in the first room up top is where your Captain is. In that room and in the rooms on the way to the middle there are your Brawlers. In the middle, there is a door up top that leads to the restorers. The restorers have the power to heal the enemies Captain. The Brawlers Have the power to strengthen the Captain. If you Defeat the Captain, it is an instant win.

Map Specific Strategies

Hold the Center!- This is when your team takes control of the center, preventing the enemy from reaching you Restorers and Brawlers. You can rack up points because they have to pass to gain points. Strengths: You prevent the enemy from getting points, save your npcs. Weaknesses:Its difficult to obtain points, takes a while. Rating so far: 3. What I think: This is a good strategy if your losing. But once you have evened things up, you should gather and charge.

Weaken His Attacks and Strike!- You defeat all the Brawlers, weakening the Captains Attack Power. You then attack the Weakened Captain. Strength: The captain Doesn't Deal much Damage, you get some points from the brawlers. Weakness: The Captain still regenerates a lot. Rating so far: 2 What I think: This is good if you have players on your team with a lot of strength. The captain still regenerates, making him tough to beat.

Stop His Healers, Then Attack!- You Defeat all the Restorers, Stopping the Captains Healing ability. You then attack the Captain. Strengths: He doesn't Regenerate, you get points for defeating the Restorers. Weakness: He deals massive damage, Killing you quickly. Rating so far: 1 What I think: Unless you have inhuman endurance, don't do this.

Destroy All His Powers, Then Finish Him!- Defeat all of the healers and brawlers, thus weakening the Captain to the extreme. Then you finish him! Strengths: He is Absolutely Weakened, and you get points from all the other npcs. Weakness: Slow, And the other team may be doing the same thing only faster. Rating so far: 5 What I think: This is your best bet. If you all work together, you will succeed.

Take a Couple and Strike!- You take some restorers and brawlers, but not all. You then attack the Captain In his weakened state. Strengths: Quicker, and the captain is weakened(albeit not as much), And you get points for defeated enemies Weaknesses: He still has got some power left so beware. Rating so far: 3 What I think: This is the quicker way, but also harder in a way.

Note: Your best bet to surviving in almost any map is sticking together and following the crowd.

Finished! Do you have more to add? Pm me! I will consider your input and may add it to this. BUT DO NOT POST!!!!!!!!!! Mad Evil or Very Mad Mad

Warning: No posting allowed, if you have an idea or something that would go here, PM Duragi here.
If you post here, you post will be deleted, so please don't.
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PostSubject: Re: Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:25 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:28 pm

dude cool and thanx
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PostSubject: Re: Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.   Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:02 am

cool and very very very very very very long!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.   

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Pvp Facts, Tips, and hints.
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